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Hi, I'm Janice. I'm thirteen years young and I blow one more extra candle every 30th June.
I ♥ Justin Drew Bieber, One Direction, The Wanted & Greyson Chance
Purple is awesome.

♥ DSLR Camera
♥ iPhone 4
♥ 1D's Up All Night yearbook Edition
♥ Go to One Direction's concert
♥ Justin to come to singapore again! and hopefully have a concert and hopefully i'll get to meet him. NSN right? ;)

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15-17 Jan
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 12:10 AM
So basically, this post will be made of what happened in 3 days, gonna start off with 15 then 16 then 17 :)

!5 January 2012
So like i said in the previous post, went to Marina Square today to pre-order the Up All Night Yearbook Edition!! :) So this was what I wore to Marina Square! Since I'm gonna pre-order UANYE, I had to get my 1D swag on right? ;) so, VAS HAPPENIN'?? :)

I took off the no-degree glasses off when I alighted at City Hall as I got kinda dizzy. Weird I know. Maybe i'm just not used to the weight on my nose. 

Otw to MS, we bought gelato icecream! :) then we searched around MS for HMV but couldn't find it. Spent like 10 mins on the 3rd floor then realising HMV was on the 2nd floor. LOLFAIL. Went to the 1D rack and there were Up All Night cds and WMYB Singles! :) and there was a I<3Louis & I<3Liam shirt. 2 for $50! If I had the money, I'll surely buy them lmfao. But I dont, so awww. Walked around HMV for awhile before finally going to the counter to pre-order UANYE. Hehehehe.
So VOILAAA! Pre-ordered it for $34.90! Gotta thank my sis for paying it for me first :) Gotta return it to her when I get my angpow money haha. 

Walked outside HMV to see if there were any 1D board or whatever you call it. Sure enough, there was. ;)
Ta-daa!! So obviously, I must camwhore with it right? :P
So it was either me looking very dark but you can see the boys' faces clearly, or me looking normal with the boys' faces shining bright. 

So after done cam-whoring, we went around MS to find a bag for myself for CNY. 
Bought this bag from New Look for $26++. 
I like it but when I showed my mom she gave me the o_o face. Not nice meh? :( She was like okay-okay. 

Continued walking around and then bought some Garrett popcorn. The plain/buttery one. It really is very buttery. Lol. Went to Raffles City and bought Best Fries Forever! Bought Macho Fries/Cheese(?) Large for $5 and in the end couldnt really finish it and we felt like vomiting and we had no water haha. Guess it was too cheesy. Threw like $2 worth of fries away :'( and then went to McDonalds to buy $1 coke. Went home for dinner and then went out to Westmall to buy CNY goodies with parents & sis! :)

16th January 2012

Met Sharlene & JW in the morning like usual to go to school. Bus was quite empty that day and we sat at the back. Sharlene then gave me my WMYB Single which I asked her to buy for me! :D

Bought this for $6.90 at CD Rama. Gramophone sells it for $11.90 & HMV sells it for $7.90.
o.O Why dont they sell it for the same price?

After school, went to JP to eat lunch. Wanted to go Pepper Lunch to eat but we had to wait 20 min for the food. o.e 20min!! wtf. Coincidentally, we saw Aandy, Elson & Ryan. They wanted to eat at Pepper Lunch too but had to wait for a very long time. In the end they followed us and we had lunch together. Haha. Wanted to go LJS at first but saw Nessa, Yichin & Sarah. In the end we ate at Burger King. Ate and chit-chatted with each other for like 2 hours. Never knew we could have that much fun eating with boys. :) 

After that we went to JW's house there to play basketball. Played with a girl called Elvia who was 10 or 11. Later on there was this bunch of boys that came. Told them to play half a court but they wouldn't listen. -_- got so pissed at them. They were like Sec 1 or P6s? They pointed the finger too. wtf. Anyway, here's a photo! 
Finally we have a photo together! hahah. We were all sweaty though. 

Reached home at about 6-7+. Found out that feb issue of Teenage has 1D poster so called my sister and asked her to buy for me!! :D 
My 2nd 1D poster!! :D Their smiles are really distracting ya know.
Asked my mom which is the most handsomest, and she said Zayn! Muahaha.;) we have the same taste.

17th January 2012
Slacked after school in class. Wanted to do CNY decorations but almost everyone was distracted. Jw left for CCA at 3. Me, Sharlene, Ben, Syafiq, Leonel and Aandy were the ones left. In the end went for lunch together at mac at about 4. Took bus to JP after we were done and chit-chatted while on the way. Reached JP at about 5 and i went to Marina Square alone to collect my UANYE!!! :D Went alone as Jw had cca, sharlene couldnt go and someone freaking backed out at the last min. -_- Otw to city hall, I sat on the reserved seat and fell asleep. Was afraid that i would be stomped. haha. Marina Square was pretty empty. Walked briskly to HMV as I was freaking excited :D Walked to the 1D rack and saw like 10 copies of UANYE. Quickly went to the counter and collected mine!! :D 

I'm so happy. I finally have their album! :)

So, thats all for this post! its currently 12:07AM right now and I need to pack my bag and sleep. So, yeah! Shall end this post with my childhood photo, LIKE A BOSS.

Hehe! So bye! Goodnight! :) x

PS: just realised this was a pretty 1D-filled post. Hahaha.

My angel, how&apos;d you get to be so fly?
Sunday, January 15, 2012 12:04 AM
Woke up at 9 today for British Council! Missed last week's lesson, so was excited for today's. Had a new teacher called Mr Nic or something. He is so hairy! HAHA. on his face and on his arms and everything. Sound so creepy describing him. Ok NEXT! found out that Shanaz from 2-3 joined British Council too! But she doesn't recognize me at all -.-

Me: hi! You know who am I?
Shanaz : er, no?
Me: I from 2-4! You from 2-3 right!
Shanaz: oh same school?? Yup. What's your name?
Me: Janice

Ok so Mr Nick ended the lesson with "Cheerio". SO COOL. haha.

Bought sushi on the way home and used the laptop. Watched Marley & Me halfway cos I keep pausing in between. I have like 20 min left lol.

Ok anyway, went to buy CNY decos etc etc after dinner! Bought walls ice cream and 2 pairs of shoes! :) so excited for CNY cos I can't wait to wear my new clothes!! And also visit my relatives & get ang pows!! Haha!

Anyway, so here's all the new things that i bought so far!! :) just posting for future reference since I know nobody's (maybe Jiawen) gonna read this anyway! :P

Gonna go Marina Square tomorrow! GONNA PREORDER UP ALL NIGHT YEARBOOK EDITION FYEAHHH. :D so excited!

Aite, bye! X

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 11:08 PM
happy new year! its 2012! :) Second year in JSS.
So far so good, except for the teachers. Especially my form teacher! So my form teacher is the same as last year's but she sucks even more this year! Ughh.

Yesterday was one of my best friend's, Sharlene's birthday!!
even though you're never gonna see this but whatevs. :)
the day before her birthday me and Jiawen planned something together at the last minute. We got rid of her by telling her that jiawen had to meet her sister and i had to go home. ;) in the end me and jiawen met up and bought presents etc. we bought a pekpekzhu from toy outpost! it was really unexpected as we didnt plan to even buy that for her! we saw it by chance :) its also the last one left! sharlene's a lucky beeetch ;) we also went to house of mini to customise a mini cupcake for her and also bought a marshmallow lollipop! at around 4+ i went to Jiawen's house and made a happy birthday board for her :) stayed all the way till 7+!
so the next day we gave her everything and true enough she was happy :D she was also very surprised that we gave her the pek pek zhu haha.

had art lesson today. totally dislike mr yeo!! make us bring all the art materials but we didnt even use any of it! ugh! luckily we had a cupboard at the back of the class to put our things :) After art we had history, same as the usual, boring. had exposition test after recess and i bet i screwed it up lol. didnt really study for it so yeah. had d&t afterwards and the whole class split into two groups, odd and even! Kinda glad that new students came in cos now my best friends' index numbers are odd! yay! Last year i was a loner cos my group didnt have anyone that i was close with :( well i HAD one then she ditched me. pshh. same group with sharlene and jiawen! vanessa's also in the same group so hope we can kinda bond together :) hope debbie won't ruin it though. -_-

ate subway for lunch with sharlene and jiawen and had band practice today also. sharlene went home at 4 and thus loner for life is me! went to the 1-4 class for sectionals and damn i miss that classroom! sectionals was very slack though. ME LIKEY! :) went home at 6+ and met sharlene at jp when she was going for the tuition. that girl was late for her tuition because of me. aww :)

anyway, few days ago i bought the first book of the hunger games!! heard that it was good on twitter thus i wanna try and read it :) so far so good though. but i only read like a few pages ahaha. always tell myself to read it when i get home but im forever distracted by the laptop lol. and whenever i want to read it at night im always tired! :(

1 more hour to ZAYN JAWAAD MALIK'S BIRTHDAY!! <3 

gonna end this post quite abruptly so BYEEE! :) x

Monday, November 21, 2011 11:59 PM
Went to SGH today. Had a backbone check up. BackbOne curved more. :/ took my first xray tOday. Feel v violated lmao. Had to take off almost all my clothes -_- Went to Tammy's house after that. Wanted to watch the AMAs since I missed it in the mOrning. but had to eat dinner at the time it started. So had steamboat. Parents and aunt keep saying about how I can't eat spicy food. bitch please, is there anything wrong with not eating spicy food? It's my life I choose to eat what I want. Then my aunt said I became more guailan. Wtf man. I "talk back" and become more guailan just because I stood up for myself? Just because I wanna prove myself right? Wtf man. Then my aunt goes saying "oh I'm just being frank. Don't mind me. I say it because I love you, I care about you" -_____- so pissed can. ~le end rant~ After that went to watch a bit of Sharkwater with Tammy. Then went home~

Thursday, October 27, 2011 7:46 PM
Hello I'm back! Almost a year since I last posted. Brief summary of this whole year:
In Secondary school now, new classmates, new schoolmates, new cca mates, new teachers. New best friends (not that the old ones have been replaced of course ;) ). Beginning of the year had 5 and then drifted apart and WHEEEWWWW left three. Honestly hate drama like this. It's always someone secretly dislikes another one and we just left them out and we just drift apart. That sucks real bad. Not denying that I've not done it before though. Also, new CCA. Joined Band which i DEEPLY REGRET. It sucks big time! Can't really play my instrument, the seniors there SUCK, the teachers SUCK the conductor SUCK basically almost everything suck! Most probably changing to Chinese Orchestra soon. Band sucks too much and is far too stressing. It's been a year and I still cant read notes! Teachers. Form teachers are Miss VIJAY and Ms Seeto. Wow. Vijay. Just like our art teacher back then except it was MRS. haha.

Anywho, the only reason why Im posting here again is cos I figured out this was a place I can vent my frustrations on, since no one really visits/knows my blog anymore. Also, I won't really bother to edit anything like my profile etc. Haha.

Okayy....my grades has been alright i guess. Not very good but not very bad either.

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Wow, how time flies. Already a year in my new school. :) BUTTTT. tomorrow's cross country and I am so dreading it! Don't wanna run ahhhhhh. :( And we are running according to our houses! No close friends in my house. :( THAT suckss. :( And there's band tomorrow what the fuckkkk. :( Cant wait to change CCA. even though it is REALLL hard :(

Alright. Bye.

Oh PS: TODAY IS FARTY'S BIRTHDAY! happy birthday Farty. :) Even though you wont see this. :P

This is not the end, this is not the beginning.
Friday, October 29, 2010 8:44 PM
Back from hiatus. PSLE is finally over. Feeling so relaxed right now. Been playing AuditionSEA ever since I tried to play on Ker's laptop last Tuesday and I'm already level 8. Proud of myself because I'm at the same level as Kerine even though she started earlier than me! Haha.

This week's pretty okay, except for some drama.
Never Say Never 3D trailer came out on Tuesday. F-A-N-T-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. The trailer is so freaking nice. Can't stop watching it.

Wednesday and Thursday was soooo drama. Oh well~ Had Tchoukball on Thursday and today. Tchoukball is fun, hope we can play Tchoukball next week~ Had two matches with the other team today, won both. Woooohhooo~ Went to watch a movie --- Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga Hoole, with Farty today. The movie was not bad. Farty keep laughing at some scenes because of the music. She was going crazy, just saying.

Shihua chio cousin is going to China for a vacation I guess. Will miss her loads. <3>
So, goodbye. ;]


Wednesday, July 14, 2010 9:29 PM
so yeah i'm finally back after a billion fajillion years. just felt like posting. aren't you happy? (no.) okay fine whatever. school's not really bad for the past few days except for the fact that most of the time i doze off in chinese class and try to stay awake. and usually also doze off during mrs tan's oral lessons and science. surprisingly it didn't happen today. prolly because i slept at like 11.30 yesterday. thats my earliest time i have slept ever since school reopen. this is probably gonna be my last post for like a very long long period of time.

next week's already prelim oral which is like super duper freaking fast. and yes like 84 more days to psle. ohhhhhh fff this life. even muttons said that p6 work is even harder now ughhhh. so yeah bit updates on bieber fever. still going on~ cel has gone crazy with me already. we have already started to print JB pics and she is buying magazines with jb. LOL she has like 10 posters of him now. see how strong bieber fever is? :)

got a new music teacher. not bad, quite shuai, NOT ;) LOL okay he somehow reminds me of my cousin which is like 13 years old. i can like imagine him being that age and looking like mr sim. lol. oh and we're doing like moulding of clay during art. its fun. everything's gone fun. :) except for academic like duh especially chinese. soooooooooooooo... idk.. okay i have nothing to post alrd. so.. bye? :) this post looks very dumb but whatever. lol.